The Puffco Peak is a portable vaporizer with an intelligent temperature adjustment. It automatically adjusts the heating if the bowl is hot. This ensures consistency in vapor during sessions. Its design is wireless which makes it easy to hold in your palm and in your pocket. The vaporizer has extreme vapor production and it has a detachable bowl made of 100% ceramic. It is heat resistant and the bowl gets the best flavor from the concentrates. The ceramic bowl can boost heat retention and has a short waiting time between heat ups. It is made from the finest materials and the vapor is comfortable, aromatic and flavor-rich. The bowl can be easily removed and cleaned.


The vaporizer has four settings which are optimized for different dabbing styles. All you need to do is click the power button to turn on the device and then set the temperature settings. The setting is color-coded and it is shown on the LED light band. Every set has a different way to dab and will give you exceptional rips. You can choose the temperature based on the load size and on the level of tolerance. The device has a long-lasting battery and heats up in only 20 seconds. You can enjoy about 30 days after a complete charge of the device. There is a Sesh Mode feature in this device which keeps the sessions seamless. When you put the device in this mode, it will dispense with the heat up time and will give you continuous rips. It keeps the nail hot and eliminates the waiting time between two rips. The vaporizer has a haptic feedback system which maintains the timing of dabbing.  When the device is completely heated, it will give a vibration in order to inform you that it is now time to dab. You can easily time each day and enjoy the vapor when it is most powerful.

Puffco Peak

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