Designed and engineered to be an all-in-one solution for your dabbing needs, the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products is probably the closest we’ve come so far to a true portable dab rig experience. For the uninitiated, the name RiO is an acronym short for “Rig in One.” A befitting moniker for a dab rig that incorporates and integrates the elements that make dabbing what it exactly is. So, if you’re looking to enjoy a seamless dabbing experience, the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products is the perfect device for you. 


The RiO MakeOver by Stache Products features some traditional dab rig components like a high-quality quartz banger, a relatively high-grade glass carb cap, and a premium glass bubbler. These components are often found on conventional dab rigs which make the experience of dabbing with the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products as close to traditional dabbing as one can get. That said what makes dabbing so unique and so special is its mode of heating your wax concentrates.


Dab rigs use torches to heat the banger and we’re so happy the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products retains this feature. The RiO MakeOver by Stache Products cleverly integrates the use of a torch so conveniently allowing you to seamlessly operate the device with ease. This is done by using a 3D-printed resin drip housing that combines all these components to make the only dab rig unit you’ll ever need.  


The RiO MakeOver by Stache Products is the perfect dab rig to use and is recommended for both beginners and advanced users who want to enjoy the power and the performance of a traditional dab rig in a compact and portable setup. So, make sure to check out the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products if ever you’re in the fence for a dab rig you can take with you wherever you go. Make it RiO MakeOver by Stache Products, make it VapeActive! 




What makes the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products so special is not the components in it. After all, all these components can be found in the common dab rig. What makes it special is the way it puts these components together which allows for a seamless operation that easily kills the learning curve allowing beginners to use and wield the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products like a pro.  


One of the main concerns by many vape newcomers wanting to try dab rigs for the first time is how daunting and how complicated the process of dabbing actually looks like. Done the conventional way, dabbing requires you to pull up a torch at a relatively distant angle, directed towards the banger but somewhat pointing away from the water bubbler, as the heat from the torch will cause the dab rig (water bubbler) to crack. You then wait for the banger to cool down as you put the torch down finding the perfect timing when and when not to put and place the dab. Needless to say, dabbing requires skill, a skill that can be mastered only by repetitive use.


The RiO MakeOver by Stache Products is here to cut through the time you need to acquire and pick up this skill and let you rip huge clouds the first time you start dabbing. Beginners wanting to try out the benefits and the potent upshots of a real dab rig can find it in the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products.  


Operation is done by connecting a refillable butane tank with an integrated torch conveniently pointed towards the bottom of the inclusive banger. And like turning your stove on, you ignite the torch to heat the quartz banger. That’s all there is to it. The RiO MakeOver by Stache Products is best used with cold start dabs further increasing ease of use and decreasing the need for a learning curve. If you’re new to dabbing and want to try out a convenient portable vaporizer, then the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products is the perfect portable rig for you. Make sure to get one now!  




The RiO MakeOver by Stache Products is a low maintenance dab rig with components that are completely reusable. This is arguably one of its strongest suits, especially when compared to many of today’s eRigs that allow consumers to heat their dabs or wax concentrates precisely with digital temperature control. With the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products, the operation is done manually with the added benefit of better and more durable parts. Pretty much driving stick shift roadsters, the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products delivers power and performance you just can’t find in an automatic rig.  


The quartz banger included in the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products is made from high-grade raw materials making it completely reusable allowing you to enjoy its benefits for a long time. Compared to eRigs that use coils and cups that need to be replaced from time to time, the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products makes for a better investment. Likewise, the glass bubbler and the glass carb cap also boast durability that rips making them components you can use and abuse. The glass bubbler features an inline percolator which increases and enhances its ability to filter minor irritants giving you clean and smooth vapors in every hit. The same can be said with the carb cap that’s built to withstand heat boasting impeccable longevity.  


What’s more, the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products is compatible with other bangers on the market as long as it fits the female connection allowing you to re-use old bangers making the RiO MakeOver by Stache Products an economical option.  


RIO Makeover Dab Rig

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