Cronic Magazine is a free seasonal publication distributed worldwide via print, online subscription and direct mail. Every three months 100,000 copies are printed and distributed in dispensaries, smoke shops, grow stores, convenience stores and tattoo shops throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Colombia.
From North to South we put on concerts and seminars to help inform the public on the many health benefits of Cannabis and the business opportunities the Industry has to offer. 
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Why is print advertising still thriving in the Cannabis Industry?

Printing is still an important method of advertising, especially in the Cannabis Industry.  Media channels such as radio and television broadcasting face restrictions which prohibit cannabis advertisements. And social media platforms are burdened by corporate policies which limit the promotion of cannabis companies and products.  That's why print publications are so important for this young and growing cannabis industry.
Most people also tend to have a natural affinity for magazines and printed ads are often seen as being a bit more credible. Also advertisements last longer simply because magazines get passed around to other readers, a printed ad delivers an enduring message with a longer shelf-life than other mediums. 

Cronic Magazine is also implementing a new publishing model called “New Print” – which refers to our multifaceted print, social-media and event-based distribution strategy, a strategy that GFK Research found has a 120% ROI. 


Leveraging ultra-premium print quality, along with social media influencers, multi-channel distribution, and our growing list of global event partners, we ensure our award-winning content and our advertising partners get in front of the largest possible audience.


A few highlights include:

  • 100,000 print impressions per quarter

  • 3:1 pass along readership (our magazine doesn’t get thrown away)

  • 250,000 digital impressions per quarter

  • National and Worldwide distribution

  • Social Media Influencer exposure from 100k-10 million

  • Onsite distribution at national cannabis events

Now that we've adopted influencer marketing as a very important part of our digital marketing strategy, it will get you more of a return on your investment, increases cost-effectiveness, and has better market penetration. These are just some of the advantages that make Influencer Marketing a must in our industry today.
The best part of Influencer Marketing is the consumer is a willing partner in the whole thing.  The consumer chooses willingly to subscribe to the channels of influencers they like and respect and they choose to listen to the messages and ads that pop up on their feed. The era of scripted ad lines mouthed by media icons and celebrities is slowly losing its charm. Now people tend to trust the opinions voiced on their social networks by their peers and popular influencers.
Advertise in the best Marijuana magazine in the World! A seasonal magazine that represents the highest print quality available – award-winning editorials, beautiful imagery from some of the world's best photographers, gorgeous fashion models, 50 lb. card-stock glossy UV cover and perfect bound.
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Cronic's distribution model is designed to ensure we reach the most affluent and active cannabis consumers around the globe. We invest significantly in independent primary research as well as secondary data from multiple research providers throughout the U.S. and worldwide.