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We review some of the best products our industry has to offer!  We like to stay up to date on the latest trends & smoking accessories out there.  Whatever your smoking style is, we're sure you'll find something you'll love!

Ital Steam Chalice is used for medicinal & spiritual purposes. Healing and meditation come through the inhalation of selected herbs vaporized. As a mission, Ital Steam Chalice is set out to educate people pertaining to the healing and meditative effect of vaporizing medicinal herbs of choice.


Some Ital Steam Chalices are made entirely out of bamboo, while others are a combination between bamboo and the calabash. Additionally, the "cutchie" or cup is made out of pure Jamaican clay and has a thin circular shaped "gritty" with fine holes, used for the purpose of separating the coconut charcoal from the medicinal herbs. Hence, there is no direct contact between the fire and the earth being consumed. In an esoteric sense, this work of art and science is also representative of the Fire, Earth, Air and Water elements. 


The Puffco Peak belongs to the new kind of extract vaporizers known as handheld rigs. It is a smart e-rig that offers efficiency and convenience in a highly compact package. It is a breakthrough in the vaping device industry as it unleashes the full power of wax concentrates.

This vaporizer is flavorful, potent, and efficient with smart temperature calibration, four incredible temperature settings, fast charging, twenty-second heat up duration, and responsive feedback. It is a must-buy for consumers of cannabis concentrate who want to forgo conventional time-consuming and messy dabbing process.

hyer erig.jpg

The Hyer Big-E Rig is essentially a powerful electronic nail that does everything that a standard nail does, without the need for any dangerous torches. Thanks to its precise heating element this outstanding exemplar of the best desktop vaporizers is able to vaporize concentrates at lower temperatures for purer flavor, or high temperatures for maximum intensity.


Its sleek and practical design works to enhance the look of your favorite glass water pipes while also allowing for completely mobile operation. Not many products on the market are performed as well as the Hyer Big-E Rig, making this e-nail an absolute must-have for dabbing fanatics.


The Puffco Plus has everything you need for vaping on the go in any place. With this dab pen vaporizer, you don't have to worry about carrying around loading tools and accessories, because this vape features a tool built right into the mouthpiece! It is sleek, compact, and has an efficient heating element and a 12-second heat up time so If you’re a heavy user then the “Sesh Mode” really shines.


The Puffco Plus is one of the best vape pens out for those that are looking for ease of use and smooth hits. Ridiculously easy to use with the Puffco Dart and Sesh Mode, giving you rich flavorful hits every time. Be wary of the battery life when you go out. Bring a charger and you will be good


The precision-designed space-age Smojo keeps your pipe from clogging and it doesn’t allow for any hot weed bits, resin or ash to get into your mouth. Drop this thing in a bowl and it stays in place, you could be taking bong rips upside down on a roller coaster doing 175 mph under water and this thing will stay put.


Plus it’ll last way longer than those janky sink screens, the makers of this Smojo thing claim that it’ll easily outlast 1000 mesh screens. Wow, that’s a lot, just imagine how many nice and tidy bowls you could smoke with just one of these things.


Don’t let the humble Smojo fool ya. It’s both hi-tech and low-tech at the same time. It’s high-tech in design and low-tech in implementation—no moving parts, nothing to break, wear out or get stopped up. We smoked bowl, after bowl, after bowl of some tasty Strawberry Banana Kush buds without a problem. We tirelessly smoke weed all day long just to test stuff out like the Smojo because, well, we love weed.

Linx Gaia Herb Vaporizer 

Right out of the box the Linx Gaia Quartz Dry Herb Vaporizer looks super high class. It’s one of the most striking an exquisite vapes we’ve reviewed. It’s wrapped in brushed aluminum with shiny chrome binding around the edges—giving it a clean modern look. And it’s rounded on one side making it easy to palm and just slightly bigger than a Zippo lighter making it really easy to hide while using or not.


What makes this thing a cut above the rest is that it houses a quartz oven. You’ll find wax pens equipped with quartz ovens. Most dry herb vapes are equipped with either stainless steel or ceramic ovens but the Linx Gaia is one of the first dry herb vapes we’ve seen that uses quartz. And it’s nearly all convection heating to boot, man.


It’s not the deepest cooking chamber we’ve encountered on a vape—looks like it’ll hold about a quarter gram of finely ground weed—but at least it comes with a handy stirring tool that screws into the bottom that you can use mix your weed during mid use to make sure you evenly burn your herbs and help evacuate ‘em when they’re cashed.


Plus it comes equipped with a unique quartz oven that’s right on the cutting edge of dry herb vape technology. And it delivers really consistently good-tasting hits. Plus it’s unique vapor path ensures cool vapor delivery—seemingly hit after hit. Another dope feature? You can use it while it’s charging. That’s ideal for vaping while using your computer.


The Whizzinator fake urine kit is one of those devices that’s steeped in mythology. In fact, it’s pretty much legendary as far as prosthetic penises go. It not only led to the embarrassing arrest of a famous football player, it worked so well helping people pass their urine drug test that the owner of the company even went to jail. That’s a big deal considering all they sold was just a fake dong.


A fake penis for drug test passing isn’t what this thing is actually intended for despite what all the online Whizzinator reviews say. Nope, the current manufacturers sell this thing as a sex toy. Instead of using it to pass a drug test they and several other of their retailers have all sorts of crazy uses for it and synthetic urine listed on their website.


One of the best features of the Whizinator is that it’s a complete kit. It has everything you need to pass your drug test or attend some kinky sex party. The kit includes the fake penis, 4 hat packs, 1 syringe, 1 pack of freeze-dried synthetic urine and an easy to use instruction manual that explains how to use the thing.



We first saw rosin hit the cannabis market only a few years ago and we were intrigued. Rosin is a solid form of resin that is obtained by adding heat and pressure to extract volatile liquid terpenes and oils.  This solvent-free method gives you one of the purest concentrates and now everyone wants to know how to make it. Dabbing delivers a high dosage each and every time, but you can't be sure your product is safe unless you’re using a pure solvent-less extraction process.


Actual Value of Waxes, Shatters & Oils

All common forms of concentrated marijuana work by vaporizing a standard size "dab," each containing a substantial amount of cannabinoids. While these concentrates do offer a higher dose, have you ever wondered at what cost? Unfortunately, shatter, budder, and wax are all produced by using a critical extraction process known as the BHO Method, which pushes liquid butane through a cylinder full of cannabis flowers. The chemical solvent then dissolves the medicinal trichome heads and cannabinoids and if not properly purged may leave traces of butane, pesticides and other unhealthy contaminants behind. 


 Pure Pressure's Pikes Peak Press

The Pure Pressure team has dedicated its time and innovated ingenuity into creating a user-friendly, purpose-built rosin press. Using just two mechanisms, heat and pressure, they created a machine that makes it easy for our customers to produce a superior extracted product ready in a matter of seconds.


Pikes Peak Press exclusively offers:


  • Precise control over the entire rosin extraction process

  • Heat plates that we make in-house

  • 100% machined aluminum for superior temperature distribution

  • 5 tons of pressure output

  • Maintenance-free pneumatic cylinder; 120psi compressed air input

  • Even heat distribution from 0°F - 300°F

  • Aluminum plates, each with a dedicated thermal coupler

  • Ultra-durable, powder-coated construction

  • Free firmware updates for life

  • 1-year warranty

  • Lifetime 10% discount on rosin bags and parchment paper


Each Pikes Peak rosin press includes two sets of orientation legs so that you can operate the press vertically or horizontally. This rosin-making titan was built to last and customers can focus on making quality rosin products without being plagued by downtime. Pure Pressure has certainly set the standard for high-quality extraction devices, giving high-yielding results along with top-notch craftsmanship.  For more information, you can visit them at

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