Indulge in the world of concentrates with our stunning imagery! Here you'll find concentrated cannabis in all it's glorious forms!  Dry sift, bubble hash, live resin, wax crumble, rosin, shatter, clear and diamonds, it's all here!

The strain Peach Ringz has a somewhat dubious upbringing as it’s parents are fairly rare, one being the Peach OG strain, with the likes of Marion Berry and another relatively rare strain, OG Eddy.


Tasting eerily similar to it’s candy counterpart, Peach Ringz finishes much like a Kush strain that will eventually have you locked to whatever you happen to sit down on.


With a strong and sweet taste that lasts throughout the dab, these diamonds from Spoiled Patient Collective are bound to impress anyone they come across. If you happen to see the strain, don’t squander it! You’re not likely to find it again!


Ras Kaya Paul, the mastermind behind PNW Roots, has carved out a prolific space for himself as a breeder of stellar cannabis genetics. Popping up in brands like 710Labs, Kaya’s Coffee has become a legendary strain to stimulate the sense. The pictured Strawberry Kush 10* hash rosin is an Indica leaning hybrid that will start you off on a cerebral ride that quickly fades into a heavy Indica influenced body high. A faint taste of Strawberries with a heavy earth finish on this rosin is definitely palatable to the headier of smokers with still being a pleasant flavor for smokers used to a more refined concentrate.


I’m not going to lie when I say that I indulged in this particular concentrate from Dank Czar, a Washington State processor of fine concentrates ranging from the pictured sugar all the way up to exquisitely grown diamonds from grade A+ material.


Three grams later and I still can’t get enough of the bright orange terps and ultra smooth come up that this sativa leaning hybrid delivers. This is definitely a strain that you’ll wanna hit before a nice stroll in the park or a summer BBQ with friends.


Don’t let it fool you, though…this is a great dessert, or possibly nightcap that is definitely capable of getting you situated in front of the couch for a night of Netflix and chilling.


Afghani Bubble Hash is one of the best tasting and also some of the most potent hashish products around. Mostly smoked in the 90s, Hash has emerged once again in the marijuana community to being one of the most popular concentrates out there. Adding the hash to your joints gives you a cerebral high that differs from just smoking marijuana buds.

This 5 Star Hashish Coin is our take on the quality standard of cannabis back from the old school. Only ice, water, heat, and hand-applied pressure are employed tactics to refine the plant down to its most potent molecular component: the glorious Trichome heads.  One of the best toppings for your pipe!


Sour Diesel is a sativa variety of cannabis that offers energizing and invigorating effects. This strain of cannabis is known for providing long lasting pain relief and uplifting euphoric sensations that will have you on top of the world for hours.


Sour Diesel offers lineage linking back to the infamous Chemdawg phenotype of Skunk and the infamous Northern Lights strains. With genetics such as this you can be sure that Sour Diesel will provide an experience like no other. Sour Diesel Shatter is usually smoked with a rig or a vape pen, you can also put it inside of a joint or in a bowl either way you're bound for euphoria.

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