Welcome to our portal to Cronic paradise.  Here we review some of the best & dankest cannabis in the world!  From the old school "Acapulco Gold" to the now famous "Cookies", here we leave no strain un-smoked!

Gorilla Glue #4 was bred by GS Strains.  The smell is one of dank,  earth,  and pungent pine.  The taste really shines through as well,  and you can really get some of the same aromas in the taste as well.

This strain won the #1 best strain at the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in 2014!  It is one of the frostiest and dankest smelling strains in the world,  and has been growing in popularity exponentially since it won the Cannabis Cup. 

This strain almost looks white because there are so many beautiful trichomes abundantly covering the green of the bud.  You can see bright orange hairs protruding from the coat of trichomes,  and the little bit of green that is typically visible has multiple hues.  


Apple Fritter has a distinct pungent sour apple taste that sweetens nicely on the exhale. After the first or second hit of this strain and you will be in a perfect social (talkative) mood. Caution is recommended as only a few minutes later, on toke number 3, we found ourselves planted and completely smashed on the couch.

Apple Fritter is a visually pleasing flower, with strong bits of purple mixed throughout. With a scent that rivals its visual, expect to fill a room with the strong smell within seconds of opening your GDW Apple Fritter jar. The high is strong but active, and for those with stronger tolerance, this is a GREAT day strain as well!


Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that has gained as much renown as its namesake, the marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.


Combining a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross, Sensi Seeds created Jack Herer hoping to capture both the cerebral elevation associated with sativas and the heavy resin production of indicas.


Its rich genetic background gives rise to several different variations of Jack Herer, each phenotype bearing its own unique features and effects. However, consumers typically describe this 55% sativa hybrid as blissful, clear-headed, and creative.


Grand Daddy Purp first gained popularity in SoCal in 2006 when it was first introduced and since then has become one of the most popular strains on the market. Patients describe the Purple OG high as one that starts as a soft strong body buzz that is mind-relieving and spacey followed by a mild couch-lock.


It's somewhat cloudy, slowing things down around you, but still leaves you with a hugely energetic high in which you are relaxed, friendly, but still functional if you want to be. This bud tastes exactly like a bowl of sweet, tropical berries, and smells just as good! The nugs are a light minty green with purple hues, a fluffy body and a blanket of resin and crystals.


Abbot Kinney OG Kush is loved by many. Its most obvious nose notes are its strong, unique, very dank and slightly citrus aroma. The flavor is equally as strong and dank, with a long-lasting aftertaste. With a THC content topping over 25%, this precious indica-dominant flower delivers.

Staying true to a smooth classic OG on the exhale, the taste is taken one notch higher with all the TLC this flower is given. The flowers are plump and a faint lime green, with prominent orange hairs and a crystal coating displaying its abundance of THC. The effects are potent, settling the user into a powerful physical sedation, suitable for nighttime use.


Behold the amazing Purple Tang OG! This wonderful sativa dominant strain was created through crossing our mouthwatering Tang strain and a "secret" Purple strain. The pristine Buds look amazing, like small peppers with deep purple and red with some orange hairs, lightened by some luminous white crystals.

The high is powerful and long-lasting with energetic and uplifted feelings that are perfect as a wake-and-bake or an early afternoon pick me up. You’ll be hit with a cerebral rush of euphoric energy first before experiencing an increase in your mental clarity and focus.

This beauty and rare strain that easily took 1st Place for Best Medicinal Sativa Concentrate at the 2016 Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup has a super powerful 22% THC level and a high CBD level, it’s no wonder Purple Tang is an all-around beloved strain.


If you thought GirlScout Cookies couldn’t get any better, then behold its next evolution, Platinum GirlScout Cookies. This Cup-winning hybrid -- a cross of OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Granddaddy Purple -- fills your nose and lungs with sweet notes of berry and candy, followed by a fruity spiciness.

Platinum Cookies has the traditional color scheme in full effect with obvious amount of purple making its way throughout the dark green flowers. It flaunts a heavy coat of crystal trichomes over its sage green leaves, assuring its potency to any consumer in doubt.

The terpene profile of the Platinum Cookies strain seemed to suggest a heavy OG Kush influence in this batch. It has a slightly piney, fuel-like aroma and its smoke seems to coat your mouth for minutes after exhale. Because of this, this strain is a huge hit with everyone who gets a chance to sample it!


Strawberry Cough is known for its sweet smell of fresh strawberries and an expanding sensation that can make even the most seasoned consumer cough. The name Strawberry Cough stems from the dense buds usually causing you to cough when the smoke expands in your lungs (and the obvious aroma of Strawberries).

The smoke on the inhale is extremely smooth and full of… you guessed it… more berries. Strawberry Cough is a great solution for managing social anxieties and to balance yourself in times of elevated stress.  It is hard not to like the truly uplifting effects of this Sativa-like strain. It has heavy haze effects (mainly head), in that it takes away all of your anxieties without knocking you out.


Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies: a hybrid cross containing Durban Poison and OG Kush genetics, is a phenotype of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain. Dark green and royal purple hues peek through a heavy coat of crystals, with a sweet minty smell that gives a full explanation of this strain’s name.

Thin Mint calls upon the powers of its indica, sativa, and hybrid ancestors for a powerful full-body effect that gives this strain its sterling reputation. It can be used any time of day, but is typically more effective at night.


THC levels can be stratospheric, topping 24%.  The high includes both mental and physical effects, including a calming body buzz with strong hunger and sleepiness, together with a cerebral creative boost, mental relief, and psychoactive sensations.


Bubba Kush is an indica strain that has gained notoriety in the U.S. and beyond for its heavy tranquilizing effects. Sweet hashish flavors with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee come through on the exhale, delighting the palate as powerful relaxation takes over.

From head to toe, muscles ease with heaviness as dreamy euphoria blankets the mind, crushing stress while coercing happy moods. Bubba Kush exhibits a distinctive, bulky bud structure with hues that range from forest green to pale purple.

The OG Kush in the genetics add some powerful medicine into the equation, generally making most body ailments feel much less painful. Remaining constant, Bubba produces Kush style cannabis flowers leaning from golf balls to swollen hearts in shape.

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