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Throughout the world decriminalization and legalization are on the move, transforming the steady smolder of gradual progress into an enlightening blaze of revolution, as people worldwide take back their right to partake in the miraculous uses of Marijuana.  A plant with the ability to heal the mind and body along with the potential to heal our world's damaged environment and broken economies.
Cronic Lifestyle Magazine stands firmly at the forefront of this global ganja revolution and our free publication has helped inform the masses on the many benefits of Marijuana for over a decade! Through engaging editorials, cannabis reviews, entertainment, fashion, and beautiful imagery, Cronic highlights the reality of cannabis legalization as well as the lifestyle that captivates our reader's interest.
Our glossy and stylish coffee-table magazine was founded in the Marijuana capital of the world, Denver Colorado in 2010.  Since then, Cronic has grown to become a fountain of knowledge throughout the world as the first recreational marijuana magazine in the U.S. and in Spanish as one of the few medical marijuana magazines in Latin America.  We hope you find our site and publication informative and entertaining as we keep you up-to-date on all the latest news and everything the global cannabis industry has to offer.
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